Mortgage Marketing

Find and Convert Every Client in Your Network

Are you losing out on business that should be yours?

If you’ve ever had a past client use another loan officer, or had a friend or family member forget to recommend you to someone,
then you’ve felt the pain of lost business.

And the worst part? It’s a pain you could have prevented had you only had an effective follow-up system in place.

But you’re incredibly busy. You don’t have time to constantly manage complicated marketing systems that remind and convert people in your network.

If you’re ready to find and convert every client in your network, you’re ready for Sidekick.

Pass the mortgage marketing baton to Sidekick, and end the feast or famine that plagues so many loan officers. Here’s how it’s done.

Sidekick Keeps You in Front of People

Sidekick’s content reminds people that you’re there for them and their referrals—all while making you look and sound like a million bucks. You’ll never be forgotten again.

Actionable Emails

Sidekick’s emails not only get opened, they also get clicks and replies—the two metrics that lead to more business.

Scroll-Stopping Social Media

Sidekick’s social media posts engage with your network. They pique interest and get people to respond.

Persuasive Blog Posts

Sidekick’s engaging blog posts provide valuable commentary and reinforce your mortgage expertise.

Sidekick Finds “Ready to Close” Clients

Sidekick’s behavior tracking and automated marketing helps identify who may be ready to buy or refi. Let your network’s actions speak louder than their (lack of) words.

Sidekick Adds to Your Database

Sidekick actively promotes your content to your best type of client, gets them to your website, and then secures their email address so you can convert them into a closing.

Promoted Social Media

Sidekick uses promoted posts on social media to bring more people to your website.

Enticing Downloads

Give people a must-have download in exchange for an email address. Then let us keep in touch and nurture that person into a prospect for you.

Sidekick Asks for Business

Sometimes to get what you want, all you have to do is ask. Sidekick always asks your network if they’re looking to buy or refi (or if they have referrals for you). You’ll never miss another deal.

Sidekick is Your New Best Source of Clients

With Sidekick, you’ll go from worrying about how much business you have to worrying about how you’re going to find the time to close it all.

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